They say the first step is admitting it.

Hi, My name is Sara, and I’m a design addict. The above picture from the hilarious site The Oatmeal pretty much sums up me. (By the way, if you’ve never checked out The Oatmeal, you should do it. Now. Hilarity will ensue). I’ve worked in the newspaper/magazine/graphic design/art direction biz for about 8 years now as well as doing freelance work with logos and brochures and greeting cards and invitations, etc. My MacBookPro is basically an appendage by this point, and I feel more comfortable in the Adobe world than I do in the real one.

For years now, I’ve been sharing random design links on Facebook and over e-mail, and finally decided to put all of that nerd wattage at one central place. So welcome! There’s so much amazing stuff going on in the graphic design world, whether it’s the latest OS operating system (How sick does Lion look?), hot new fonts, sources for stock photography, tutorials or any other randomness. So welcome, and check back often.

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